"An incredibly inspiring story from the roof of the world where families struggle and sacrifice everything to help their children…"

Bear Grylls



"This is a stunning film: and I hope it will prompt generous donations towards a better system of pastoral care in this awesome Himalayan region.”

Joanna Lumley



"Congratulations on your wonderful film. I greatly appreciate how valuable your work is and do hope your film leads to generous donations for the wonderful work you are doing to promote

better pastoral care in these remote Himalayan areas."

Sir Chris Bonington

News and Updates:



We've launched a new crowd funding campaign to help us get to completion of the film and start distribution.  Please visit our campaign site, donate if you can and share the news of the film on social media.



We've just picture locked our offline edit!  After almost 6 months of editing over a 1.5 year period, the film is now moving into post-production: sound mix, colour grade and all the technical finishing processes.



We've raised over £5,000 with our first ever crowd fund!  Amazingly happy with the result and this has allowed us to continue our edit :)



We've now got support from Bear Grylls, Joanna Lumley and Sir Chris Bonington for the film!


CHILDREN OF THE SNOW LAND © Mayfly TV & Picture on the Wall 2017