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We are making this film because we want to help the people of rural Nepal.  In order to do that, we are going to show the story of Tsering Deki, Nima and Jeewan - students of Snowland School, who were given away by their parents when they were four or five years old.


These students are now 16 / 17 years old and are about to graduate.  After taking their exams, they are provided with funding to make the long journey home to their high Himalayan villages and ‘make peace’ with the parents that gave them up.  We gave them cameras, support and training in filmmaking to make video diaries of their respective journeys home.


Through their eyes the viewer is taken from their boarding school home in capital city Kathmandu, back to the villages in which they were born high up in the Himalaya.  As they journey home, they are reintroduced to the ancient mountain culture.


The story arc is epic both physically and emotionally: A coming of age voyage in which the children must trek from their adopted city school all the way back to their birthplace in the highest inhabited villages on earth, to reconnect with family and an ancient way of life, to make peace with those who gave them up for a ‘better’ life.


Then after three months, leaving again to pursue a life as an educated young adult in the city.  In the midst of it all is a seismic event witnessed around the world...




















CHILDREN OF THE SNOW LAND © Mayfly TV & Picture on the Wall 2017